TORQ CL0604T Mini HV Rudder Servo (Heli Applications Only)

TORQ CL0604T Mini HV Rudder Servo - Unworldly Precision & Control.Explore new worlds of precision & control...
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TORQ CL0604T Mini HV Rudder Servo (Heli Applications Only)

TORQ CL0604T Mini HV Rudder Servo (Heli Applications Only)


TORQ CL0604T Mini HV Rudder Servo (Heli Applications Only)

TORQ CL0604T Mini HV Rudder Servo - Unworldly Precision & Control.

Explore new worlds of precision & control with the TORQ CL0604T Mini Rudder Servo. Specifically designed for the intense demand of helicopter rudder control, the TORQ CL0604T has been optimized for incredible levels of precision and resolution, with massively rapid 0.04 transit speeds at 8.4V of power. This speed and precision equates to ultimate levels of rudder authority, providing crisp control under the harshest of 3D demands.

Encased within a finned aluminum 6061 heat dissipating CNC case, the TORQ CL0604T utilizes coreless motor power for epic levels of high torque demand. Perfectly suited for an array of high performance helicopter applications, the CL0604T has been purposefully designed to thrive within the most hostile 3D flight regimes, offering superior levels of tactile control that can be seen and felt throughout the flight.

Designed to absorb up to 8.4V of power, the CL0604T utilizes a dedicated 760us / 560Hz working frequency for the most agile level of response, and incorporates a steel gear train for maximum levels of abuse. Paired with a dual ball bearing layout for butter smooth operation, the TORQ CL0604T provides unparalleled levels of finite control, offering next level precision with every flight you take.

Step up to epic levels of high performance rudder capability with the TORQ CL0604T. Mini sized, with massive levels of precision and control.


- Dedicated Helicopter Rudder Servo
- Incredible Levels of Speed & Performance
- Ultra Precise, High Resolution Control
- Coreless Motor Design for Peak Torque Demand
- Fully Replaceable Steel Gear Train for Maximum Strength
- Excellent Thermal Dissipation via 6061 Finned Aluminum Case
- 8.4V High Voltage Ready
- Optimized for High Demand Rudder Control
- Dual Ball Bearing Construction


0.04 sec / 60° @ 8.4V
0.06 sec / 60° @ 6.0V

Torque: / 83.32 oz. in. @ 8.4V / 55.54 oz. in. @ 6.0V


Motor Type: Coreless Motor
Servo Arm Type: Futaba
Working Pulse Width / Frequency: 760us / 560Hz
Weight: 40g
Dimensions: 35.5mm x 15mm x 32.7mm (LxWxH)
Voltage Range: 6.0V - 8.4V

Usage Note:

For helicopter rudder usage only. Please note that the TORQ CL0604T servo must be connected to a flybarless flight controller that is set at a 760us pulse width setting for proper functionality. Due to the 760us pulse width, if the servo is connected to a receiver or servo tester, the servo will not properly function due to these applications that use a 1520us pulse width.

Customer Reviews

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Torq 604t

Great servo and super fast shipping

chris f.

awesome tail servo for the price

My first torque servo

I am impressed with these servos. Very quiet, great centering, and no slop. Some other servo brands have just a little slop new out of the box that are more expensive then these. I havent given it a good workout yet, but i expect them to get through the year with little issue. Deffinetly great product that is lighter on the wallet. Will most likely be buying torq for the next build

Nice mini tail servo

I use this servo on the tail of my Oxy4 Max. I order another one to use on my Align TB40. Good performance and price.

James A.
One of the best servos for a 420 tail! And programmable to!

This servo is amazing! super fast and powerful, use the Torq programmer to set up the servo without even needing to power up my heli. Holds the tail like a bucket of super glue! so fast its moving before you command it! But for real this servo rates an A+.


Great product…work flawlessly

Daniel S.
Torq servo !!

Great servo for my oxy 4 Max !! Helidirect great service!!

Excellent service and fast shipping

Bought for my upcoming SAB 420
Servos look awesome

Josh E.
Put on goblin 380

I used on the goblin 420 excellent servo and put on goblin 380 work very well and very quick would recommend had savox new ones on goblin 380 one went out after 6 flights bought these to replace and have 100 flights on 420 and work perfect

Justin H.
Excellent product and service